Leo Maurer - A Creep At The Steel

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And otherwise...

Music is my main hobby, as much as I can do with all the rest of life's responsibilities. That said, I've picked up a few instruments (Guitar, Steel Guitar pedal and lap, Drums...) and can get out and play some local venues without offending the ears of too many people. I am currently playing a band called Steel Standing, and before that, Blue Steel. I also am a former member or Tres Pirhana, and sometimes accompany other people and play open-mics around the area.

Here is an oldy moldy video from the days of the Down-Under Deli.  Sweet memories!

We just doubled our rainwater collection intake!

Living in the hill country means living on minimal water. We get an average of about 30-35 inches per year out this way, west of Austin. When we built our house in 2000-2001 I set up a rainwater collection system that drew from the roof. The water went from the gutters, through some filtration, and into a 10,000 gallon tank. That was good enough for two adults and two small children. Three things have happened since: The kids grew up, we entered a long-term drought, and I built a barn. Bottom line: we needed more water and it was within reach...

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This is our barn with the gambrel roof. That steep side presents certain problems with gutter installation. The gutter ends up too close to the edge of the roof.  In fact the end of the roof-edge was inside my first gutters.


Our new 5-acre lot off of Fall Creek Road

We are land barons again! Bought a place off of Fall Creek Road just up the road in Spicewood. We were just looking for a raw lot but we (actually Kelly) found and picked one that came with a poured slab and a Rhino Steel building delivered! Looks like we will be building a house this spring. All the external walls are framed, as well as the trusses. It is a 48x32 slab, so it will be a small cozy house. It's got a spectacular view: Northeast over Lake Travis and Pedernales valley. It's a 5 acre lot in Blanco county (which means much lower taxes than Travis).

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