Leo Maurer

Leo Maurer

I am who I somehow ended up as being: Leo Maurer.

I live and play in Spicewood Texas, I work in Austin, and Central Texas is my home. I have a lovely wife, Kelly and two spectacularly cool children.

You may contact me as follows:

Phone: (512) 965-3999

Email: spicewoodleo@gmail.com

I put this site together.

I sometimes do business as

Spicewood Systems Computing Services

...but I'm too busy lately to take on any new clients.  (Sorry!)

I am a Computer Professional. I currently work for

Cray, The Supercomputer Company

Some things I do in that arena:

  • Intel Processor Low-level Debug
  • High Performance Computer Systems Management
  • Virtualization and Network Infrastructure software
  • Embedded Firmware (Linux and RTOS)
  • Network Device Drivers
  • Video Streaming Software
  • Linux
  • Websites (such as this)
  • Graphic Arts

I am a Musician:

  • Vocals
  • Electric and Acoustic Guitar
  • Lap and Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums (Trap-set/Conga/Djimbe)